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Skate Canada Programs we deliver



Learn to Skate - The Canskate Program

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Figure Skating - Starskate Program Information

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Hockey & Ringette - CanPowerSkate Program

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Safe Sport - Skate Canada places the highest priority on a safe and fun learning environment for all of its participants.

Several programs are planned for roll-out in the coming years based on Skate Canada’s Safe Sport Framework. These programs will facilitate best-in-class safety initiatives. It is Skate Canada’s goal and commitment to be the leading Safe Sport organization in Canada and the World.


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The Parents Role

  • Be responsible to show an active interest in your skater progression and provide encouragement.
  • Help to skater to establish his or her on skating goals.
  • Let the coaches do their jobs. They are the professionals.
  • Teach your child that an honest effort is as important as winning a medal.
  • Recognize the value and importance of the volunteer. They give their time and resources to provide a club for your child



Almonte Carelton Place Figure Skating Club Coaches

All Club coaches are NCCP. Skate Canada is a firm believer in the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). This program is conducted in partnership with the Coaching Association of Canada. Every coach registered with Skate Canada is, at a minimum, a level one certified coach.The NCCP is a five-level education program for coaches and includes general theory and sport specific technical and practical components.  The role of the coach is to teach and develop a skater's technical ability. They are also role models for young people. Coaches play an important role in shaping the skater's attitudes towards skating as well as their personal values, such as sportsmanship, discipline and work ethic.

Selecting a Figure Skating 

  • The coaching of figure skating in Canada and most other countries is done on a professional basis. Individuals make their coaching services available for a fee.
  • When hiring a coach, the club can provide information about the coaches available to teach your son or daughter or you can contact the coach directly.
  • The coach should be one that the skater feels comfortable with, and one you both respect as an individual as well as a teacher. You want a coach who treats your child with respect and who is interested in your child's development as a person as well as a skater.
  • Regular meetings and planning sessions between the coach and parents are important. You should keep the coach informed about the skater's educational commitments, financial constraints and other information that may impact on the skater's training. This is a good time to discuss any concerns and ask questions about your skater's progress.




The Almonte Carleton Place Skating Club is the vehicle through which Skate Canada programs are delivered to the skaters. In order to make our club a success we require the support of all parents through our volunteer program. Throughout the skating season, we require parents to participate on the executive, support events, play music during our ice time and for the year-end ice show.